Strong Team Work

Digital Marketing takes Dedication, Skilled Developers and a desire to grow your Clients Dreams.

Online Marketing can be a highly confusing environment. It’s very hard to tell where it’s best to start from, which strategies will negatively impact your business, and which channels are most indicated for marketing. Fortunately, our team members are highly experienced in this regard, so all it takes is for you to leave all the work on their behalf. Read our team’s brief bio below.

Robby Gray

Founder & CEO America and Latin American Market

Robby has been in the Internet Marketing and IT Field for over 20 years. He built and owned one of Kentucky’s largest Internet Service Provider Companies in the 1990s and has designed and built telecommunications networks that provide clients with internet, phone and security services in rural regions in Central America. Custom programming like Inventory Control Systems, GPS Location Services, and AI Programming has helped many companies from Restaurants, Insurance Company’s, Franchise Company’s and Financial Institutions Streamline there Products and services. He also Provides Programming and Hosting Services to many Company’s across the US, Latin America, and Asia.

George Wang

Co-Founder & President of the Asian Market

George contributes over 10 years of experience with eCommerce and Business Development for Company’s needing Management Software to control the workflow of products and AI Inventory Control Software along with the customized Point of Sale Software that’s used to manage products made in Asia and shipped worldwide. He is very well versed in the programming field, to say the least.

We love Bold Brands

We love to work with the very best brands out there to provide a great experience to our customers. Take a look at some of the best brands that we regularly work with and you will understand why quality is our main concern.