In the age of smartphones, QR codes serve as a link between the offline and online world. They provide a seamless way for potential new customers and loyal ones to access a brand’s store, social media account, or promotional page. To help you tap into this marketing opportunity, we’ve compiled a list of creative ideas for using QR codes.

While not all of these QR code campaigns relate to traditional advertising, they all share a common thread: the connection between our physical world and the digital realm. This seamless transition is essential for encouraging widespread adoption, and it can help a product or service campaign gain viral momentum.

  1. Here are just a few QR code marketing examples that you should consider adopting for your business. Wifi Router Passwords Dynamic QR codes let you display a QR Code for users to scan and you can edit the code and change the login specifications online and not need to reprint the QR Code. Hotels changes there codes every week sometimes more. Hotels, Cafes, Shopping Malls.

2. Restaurant QR Codes are one of the best ways to capture email addresses from a client with a simple online survey.

Clients scan the code then fill out the survey then a free gift maybe a drink or desert cupon is sent to there email address that can be used on there next visit. Can you say, return clients?  



3. Maps QR is King.

The key to success in any business is its approach, which is only possible with a well-defined address. The term ‘location’ is what you hear the most when it’s about opening a new business or if you’re going to an establishment. Presently, when the internet has taken over almost everything, print media still holds more stake for marketing. Whether it is about your business card or an advertisement in a local newspaper, you would always want your customers and vendors can find you easily. To make this happen, the directions should be clear to navigate your customers to your business point. Also, you can generate a Google Map QR code for your business and print it on your marketing materials.


4. Social Media  QR Codes

The QR Code is the perfect way for clients to follow you on social media.

By using a Dynamic QR Code you can set up one QR Code for all your social media platforms and people don’t need a code for each platform. Dynamic QR Codes can be edited online to change information or add information.