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About 2 years ago I bought a Tech Gadget called the Echo Dot from Amazon. It’s funny how when people hear the name they say yes I know about that. Think again because most have not bought it your friend bought it never really used it never learned what It could do so their friend didn’t like it so big deal. For everyone with a fire stick that has a little Alexa option inside, the echo is a full-featured product, not a stick you buy because your TV is not a smart tv and you don’t want to upgrade your tv so you buy the inexpensive fire stick because you want streaming movies. I see people at Christmas and Birthdays thinking wow what can I buy my family they have everything so they go out and buy something expensive so they can show their family how important they are. And they buy something most of the time overpriced something that the family will use 2 times then put in the drawer and sell in the next garage sale. Take a few minutes and stay with me and read what I have to say your family will thank you so much for it. I bought my Echo Dot because I needed a small type of radio and also I wanted an alarm clock and I had heard this device can do both. I paid about $50.00 for the device and buying from Amazon it arrived fast. After I started researching what it could do I was amazed. First I set up the alarm clock so I could use it to make sure I was not late to work. Then I connected it to my wifi at home and started to set up the things I wanted. First, I wanted music so I ask it Alexa play music from the beetles and it said shuffling music from the Beatles and right away the music started. When I bought the device it gave me a free month of amazon prime so the music was provided through Amazon Music. After the first month I didn’t renew my Amazon Prime Account until I learned I needed it to get the free music I thought about it and said I will subscribe because I buy a lot of products online and the free next day shipping alone is worth the monthly or yearly cost however you decide to pay for the service. You don’t need to subscribe to service to use as a calling device and a lot of other features there all free. I noticed a volume button on the top of the device to control how loud the music is but after I started studying online about it I could just say Alexa volume 6 and the volume went up or say Alexa volume 2 or even 10 and it was hands-free. Now, this was a game-changer. I had been living in Central America for about 6 years at the time I bought my first echo dot. I was having to listen to mostly Latino music before but after I bought the echo dot I had whatever music I wanted at my fingertips. Then I found the amazing feature that made me so happy and also made the $50.00 investment return to my pocket the first month.  Anyone who travels out of the country knows what it’s like to have to call the US, Canada or Mexico the cost can just kill your wallet. And before any of you guys say I call home free I have skype or I have a line on my cellphone but most people don’t have line and the quality of both of those are terrible. When I registered the new Echo Dot I used a home address from the USA so it could see I was in the USA but I was out of the country. I loaded the Alexa app on my cell phone then opened it and added contacts, my family, first then friends from the United States and then clients that I work for. Then came the big test a had been waiting for. Could it really make calls back to the USA for me? I said Alexa call my sister and said her name and then the device stared ringing her number and she answered I was so happy free calling and the sound quality was amazing and I didn’t need to pay any more long-distance calls. Investment of 50.00 returned. haha I have upgraded to the  3RD Generation of the device and the sound is so much better like a nice solid sound and it also has like the previous generations had was an audio out connection to connect to your tv or home entertainment system. So you can be listed with your speakers and rock the walls in your house. I was in the USA this in June and was spending time with my sister and we got her set up with an echo dot and she really likes it. It’s great when you buy something from amazon and they leave it at the door the device gives out a tone and a message alerting you on your delivery. Your cellphone can do the same they send emails when orders are delivered but if your phone is in your purse or something you might not hear the message. After I set up my sisters Echo Dot we learned it had games and trivial and even jeopardy its so cool. My sister watches a little girl a few days a week here and thereafter school while the little girl’s mother is at work and having the Echo Dot helps when your trying to keep a kid entertained you all know what I’m talking about. We all three played a game of trivia the device is so smart and wow to teach a child and even was teaching me so many things and facts none of us knew. For learning if you want your child to be great in Math buy this it is so fast and for teachers, if your grading papers you can just ask Alexa the answer on mathematics and its always correct. Today Foreign language is one of the most important things you can teach a child trust me here I have needed to know how to find bathrooms, banks, taxis, and so much more in-countries no one understood me. Parents we are all looking for the edge to make our kids smarter then the next and you need to know the features of this device to help prepare your kids for the real world. Kids of all ages love this device. I used it to help learn Spanish and you know what?  it was the best thing I could have used and now I can travel anywhere in a Spanish Speaking Country and go anywhere order any food just like it was my first language. Echo Dot lets you set reminders to take the kids to soccer or to wake you up 10 min before the bus brings the kids home. You can send a text or email via voice to your family and it will send it automatically no need to open your computer or tablet anymore to send emails and text or open skype to make a call just ask Alexa and the device will do everything hands-free. When  I cook breakfast I listen to the news or CNN or fox but I can’t see the tv and get all the channels in some countries but I just ask Alexa open CNN or fox news and she gives me the same as you see on your tv at any time so if I miss the news it still lets me see what I missed at any time. You can buy a plug for the power outlet in your house plug your tv in or a fan or air-condition or whatever and say Alexa turn on the tv turn to channel 5 or tell it turns the volume up on the tv or down or mute sound to take a cell phone call. Do you have parents that are older and just don’t understand the technology they always miss your calls and never push the answer button right? Hello hello anyone there haha. With Echo Dot, you can buy your parents a device and connect yours to theirs and just say Alexa Drop in on mom. (note if you buy a subscription to Amazon Prime it can be used on multiple devices so mom can listen to Frank Sinatra for free. Say your mom falls and can’t get to the phone or can she remember where she left the phone? No problem Alexa call my daughter I need help Alexa will ring your Device. not at home? no problem your Alexa app on your phone will notify your cell phone moms calling. This device is a Game Changer it has thousands of features great for calling police ambulance it’s our best first-line defense you cant always get to your cell phone if you have an emergency in your home but Alexa can hear your voice and call for help Alexa can be the best line of defense in an emergency. Your child is choking or husband is having a heart attack you need your hands free no time to waste searching for a phone or cell phone signal if you have wifi your good to go seconds are counting in an emergency. It’s getting closer to Christmas prices each year get double or higher on tech devices buy your device today . Give it to your parents today if they are older or live alone it will not only keep them entertained but I could be there only help if they fall down and can’t get to the phone to call for help. All Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers have wifi. You can buy this and connect in your Parent’s room so you always have a direct connection to communicate with them and that’s a peace of mind you just can’t miss out on. My Name is Robby Gray I am a Blogger, Vlogger, and Technical Professional that has been in the technology field for over 20 years and I am also an Amazon Affiliate that helps promote and sell their Technology Products. I made this blog because I have over 2 years owning these devices and It can save lives that’s all I need to say. For a price, you spend on dinner out with your family probably much cheaper than what we spend on a night out but my point is to be prepared. I will leave a link below to this device currently the device cost is $49.99 and as the holiday gets closer the price will go up.  Please buy from the link below I receive a small credit for each sale the price is the same for you but it really helps me cover the cost of taking the time to do product reviews like this in my Blogs and Vlogs. Amazon Echo Dot 3Rd Generation  https://amzn.to/2OiohSH If you have questions about this post please email me and I would love to talk with you. Follow me on Social Media. Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/traveltech779 Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/graytechreview0091 Robbygray@icloud.com

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  1. I also have the echo dot in my fitness room plugged into my small stand alone stereo using aux cable. So I walk in the room and tell alexa what I wanna hear and it is great. I recommend third generation if using network speakers. Because you will need the speaker function to hear basic command without using external speakers. I also have the video version in the kitchen . We use that for my wife receipe or I can say show me the back yard or front door. It is as you mention connected to my network of cameras.
    You mention this as a training tool for young children and you are so correct. The world is full of knowledge and this device can help you have it at fingertips. I always make a joke when my kids used to ask me a question. I would be like what is the internet down? If you think about it we have the world of knowledge at our fingertips and this product make it easier.
    One thing that may be a little to deep is that Amazon alexa can be used with a raspberry amd for the STEM learning program it offers basic programing skills. The question is not when or we gonna use it it. It should be why are we not using it?
    Great blog keep it up.

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